Top 4 issues about realistic sex doll

Let us know about some questions about real sex doll we plan to buy. Below are the answer to tell you something.

First, Silicone sex doll / TPE sex doll are sex toys or humanoid companions.

First of all, we define a silicone doll, which is a solid doll, a sex doll, and it is a kind of sex doll with a high sense of reality. The biggest characteristic of service is the ability to provide sexual service.

Second, What is the difference between silicone sex dolls and other sex dolls?

In the past, there were many movies and reports about inflatable dolls. With the revolution of science and technology and the development of materials, there are now High-end sex dolls such as silicone sex doll or tpe sex doll. People may need more sexual fantasies, such as vision, tactile stimulation and psychological satisfaction, which leads to the demand for artificial toys. There is a personal form of silicone dolls, which are actually best sex dolls’ derivatives. This is a one-sided view, just treat them as sex dolls. With the increasing demand of users, they are more and more aware of what they want and can take better care of their needs.

Third, Can silicone sex dolls replace real people with emotion?

Dolls can not replace real people, but they can achieve partial emotional satisfaction, repair pain, repair loss, and satisfy partial psychological desire. There is feedback between people’s true feelings, that is, I have feelings for you, and you have feelings for me. Real sex dolls, which can not feedback their own emotions, or the feedback of such emotions is only user imagination.

Fourth, Does the appearance of realistic sex dolls affect the intimacy in reality?

Silicone dolls are more like real life substitutes. They are a sense of satisfaction. It’s like a person’s attachment and control in love. Silicone dolls can better meet this. If a person is depressed in real life and disappointed in the real world, it is difficult to establish a good realistic relationship in the real world. Instead, silicone dolls can satisfy this part of the fantasy in the virtual world.